New 'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension' Trailer And TV Spots

Paranormal Activity certainly wasn't the first found-footage movie, but it's a huge part of the reason why the format has become so ubiquitous. These films are cheap to make, since they actually benefit from avoiding cutting-edge technology and big-name actors. And because they're so cheap that even a modest success will turn a big profit, while even the worst flops are barely a dent in the studio's finances.

But all things must end, even demonic spirits named Toby. This fall's Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension — either the fifth or sixth Paranormal Activity movie, depending on whether you want to count the spinoff The Marked Ones — is supposedly the last Paranormal Activity ever. Watch the Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension trailer and TV spots after the jump.

Paramount Pictures UK posted the latest Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension trailer. Much of the footage in the new trailer is recycled, but it's been a while since the last trailer so perhaps you'll want to take a look anyway.

The Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension TV spots have a bit more new footage. Check out several below.

The trailers and TV spots seem like they're showing kind of a lot. Hopefully the film still has a couple couple tricks left. On the bright side, the stuff they do show looks fun. With no plans to continue the Paranormal Activity story, it looks like the filmmakers will finally get to put everything on the table.

"All the questions that everyone has asked from the past Paranormal Activity films: What does Toby look like? What's the backstory to the families? These questions have been teased out. Now they will be answered," teased producer Jason Blum earlier this summer. Though he admitted that "you never know" if there might be a reboot, he insisted that they "made this movie like it's the end of this Paranormal line for sure."

Gregory Plotkin directed Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. The film opens October 23.