'American Horror Story: Hotel' Opening Credits: Thou Shalt Not Forget To Tune In Next Week

We've known that American Horror Story: Hotel would involve dudes sewn into beds, an old-timey serial killer, creepy pale children, and a deliciously devilish Lady Gaga. But the just-released title sequence reveals another theme we weren't necessarily expecting: religion. Watch the American Horror Story Hotel opening credits after the jump.

FX dropped the American Horror Story Hotel opening credits on YouTube.

The American Horror Story credits do a lot to set the tone of each season, so it's interesting to see this one run through the Ten Commandments. We wouldn't be surprised to see this season's crop of characters break every single one of them — up to and including "thou shalt not kill" – but perhaps they'll face some serious spiritual consequences for their sins.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres October 7 on FX.