'Nintendo Quest' Trailer: Can One Man Buy All 678 Original Nintendo Games In 30 Days?

Nostalgia is king right now, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone to hear that one man set out with a goal to purchase all 678 games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System video games from 1985.

We all have dreams, and Jay Bartlett's was to track down every single one of those video game cartridges (or Game Paks if you want to be more accurate). But he decided to make it a little more challenging. Essentially creating his own real-life video game, Bartlett set out to collect all these video games in just 30 days, and to make it even more difficult, he decided not to buy any of those games online.

Now see a bit of his journey the Nintendo Quest trailer, teasing a documentary chronicling his adventure and also the history and legacy of Nintendo.

Here's the Nintendo Quest trailer from Vimeo (via The Robots Voice):

The Kickstarted project doesn't seem to be quite as well put together as something like The King of Kong, but it does look like there's an interesting story to be told, if only because of all the video game stores Bartlett has to visit to complete his quest. But that voiceover has to go, and there's one particular talking head that just feels very artificial and cheesy.

Still, as someone who grew up on the NES but isn't too familiar with the rarity of certain games and some of the early history of the gaming system, I'm betting thereĀ areĀ some fascinating details to be found in this documentary.

Some people might think this guy is wasting his time and money, but like the documentary says, no matter what happens this trip is going to be fun. Maybe he's not spending his money on these games, but rather spending it to create memories. There might be cheaper or more efficient ways of doing that, but who am I to tell someone how to live their life? I still buy action figures to display proudly and keep me single forever.

One man. 30 days, 678 games. No online purchases. It's the premise that launched a film over 10,000 miles in the making and showcases the adventure of video game rock star, Jay Bartlett, a fanatic collector in pursuit of his dream to own a complete official North American NES library. Along the way, filmmaker Rob McCallum examines the enduring legacy of the NES and Nintendo.

Nintendo Quest will be available on Vimeo beginning October 2nd.