Best Stories Of The Week: King Kong, Spectre, Krampus, Road House And More

Another week has passed, and it's time for another round-up of the Best Stories of the Week.

News from the past week includes a full series order for Preacher, an update on the long-gestating Trainspotting 2, a reboot of 80s favorite Road House, a potential Nicktoons movie in development, new rumors about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, news on the theme song for Spectre, and a big challenge for the new King Kong.

We've also got a slew of new trailers for movies such as I Smile Back with Sarah Silverman, Brie Larson in Room, Sandra Bullock in Our Brand is Crisis, a Back to the Future documentary, and sneak peeks at the new seasons of The Flash, Arrow, The Leftovers and more.

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#39. Netflix's Keith Richards Documentary Debuts a Trailer

The documentary arrives on September 18th.

#38. Step Brothers Catalina Wine Mixer is Now a Real Thing

Step BrothersThe Catalina Wine Mixer became a rather infamous fictional event thanks to the 2008 comedy Step Brothers, but now it's becoming a real thing. The Santa Catalina Island Company has just announced the first annual real-life Catalina Wine Mixer, and it's just a big party, complete with live music, great food and much more. Find out more right here.

#37. Christopher Abbott Is Astounding in First James White Trailer

The indie drama arrives on November 13th.

#36. Michael Fassbender to Lead Crime Thriller The Snowman

Michael Fassbender in The Snowman

The Shame and X-Men: Days of Future Past star is in talks to take the lead role in the adaptation of Jo Nesbo's crime thriller novel The Snowman. Fassbender will play unfortunately named detective Harry Hole, an alcoholic and heavy smoker, but if you want to know more about the plot of the movie, you'll have to check out our original story.

#35. Sarah Silverman Goes Dramatic in I Smile Back Trailer

The indie drama arrives on October 3rd.

#34. More Black Mirror Coming from Netflix

Black Mirror Netflix

Fans who have been waiting Netflix to add the Black Mirror Christmas special to the instant library will be waiting a little longer, but the good news is that the streaming service just struck a deal to make an entirely new season of the show. Find out more in our original story.

#33. Jake Gyllenhaal Stars in First Trailer for Demolition

The film arrives on April 8th, 2016.

Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

#32. Jamie Foxx Takes a Role in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver

Jamie Foxx has taken a role in the next film from Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World director Edgar Wright. But if you want to find out who he's playing and how he fits into the story, you'll have to read our full story.

#31. First Trailer for Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next

The documentary is playing TIFF but has no release date yet.

#30. Preacher Gets a Full Season Order and a New Poster

Preacher plot info

AMC has given a full series order to the comic book adaptation Preacher, and co-executive producer Seth Rogen has shared the first teaser poster for the show coming in 2016. To check out the poster, head over to our original story.

#29. First Trailer for the Indie Horror The Hallow

The film arrives on November 6th.

#28. Final Divergent Sequels Get New Titles and Logos

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Instead of splitting the same title across two movies, the finale for The Divergent Series will now have two different titles. They will be The Divergent Series: Allegiant and The Divergent Series: Ascendant. And you can check out two new title logos for the sequels in our original post.

#27. Cate Blanchett Falls for Rooney Mara in New Carol Trailer

The romance arrives on November 20th.

#26. New Hellboy 3 Details Come to Light from Ron Perlman

Hellboy 3 storyRon Perlman has offered some Hellboy 3 details that he's gotten straight from Guillermo del Toro and they included some remarks about how this will end the trilogy and also some potentially spoilery details about the cliffhanger reveal at the end of Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Get the details right here.

#25. Brie Larson Is Award-Worthy in New Trailer for Room

The drama hits theaters on October 16th.

Steve Jobs - Michael Fassbender (2)

#24. Early Buzz on Steve Jobs, Anomalisa and The Martian

With the Telluride Film Festival now complete and the Toronto International Film Festival in full swing, we're getting a lot of early reactions and reviews to some potential awards contenders and some advanced buzz on some of the biggest fall movies as well. Over the past week we've gotten early buzz on Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs, Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion romance Anomalisa and Ridley Scott's sci-fi drama The Martian. Click each movie for the early buzz.

#23. Tom Hiddleston Belts Out a Tune in I Saw the Light Clip

The musical biopic arrives on November 27th.

#22. Danny Boyle Hopes to Make Trainspotting 2 Next

Trainspotting 2

It's been in the works for years now, and director Danny Boyle says that he's finally hoping to make a sequel to Trainspotting his next film. However, there's a potential snag that might make it difficult to schedule. Find out more right here.

#21. Ben Foster is Lance Armstrong in The Program Trailer

The true story is playing TIFF but has no US release date yet.

#20. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Teaser Shows Some Power

The series returns on September 29th.

#19. Ronda Rousey to Lead Reboot of Road House

Ronda Rousey Road House

A reboot of Road House is in the works at MGM, but it's going to shake up the formula of the original movie more than you might expect. The lead role, originated by Patrick Swayze in the 80s, will instead be taken over by UFC fighter turned actress Ronda Rousey. Find out more about the project right here.

#18. Sandra Bullock Sells a Candidate in Our Brand is Crisis Trailer

The political drama arrives on October 30th.

#17. Things Get More Eerie in The Leftovers Season 2 Trailer

The series returns on October 4th.

Guardiand of the Galaxy one year later

#16. James Gunn Debunks Hulk in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Again

Even though he's denied them before, James Gunn again wanted to reiterate that Hulk will not be popping up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so all your theories are completely wrong. Find out what he had to say about the ongoing rumors this time right here.

#15. Check in to New American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer

The new season begins on October 7th.

#14. Nicktoons May Team Up in Developing Hybrid Movie at Paramount

Nicktoons movie

If the Nicktoons potentially getting revived on the small screen wasn't enough for kids of the 90s, Paramount Pictures is developing a live-action/animated hybrid movie where a bunch of Nicktoons might come together. Find out more right here.

#13. Back in Time Trailer: A Documentary About Back to the Future

The documentary debuts on October 21st.

#12. Mega Man Video Game May Be on the Way to the Big Screen

Mega Man movie

Adding to the pile of video game movies in development, 20th Century Fox may be working on bringing the classic video game Mega Man to the big screen. Find out more right here.

#11. The Holidays Get Horrific with First Krampus Trailer

The holiday horror arrives on December 4th.

#10. Furious 7: How Did This Get Made?


We run through the most recent episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made?, focusing on the insane blockbuster sequel Furious 7. Read through our extensive companion piece right here.

#9. Oliver Queen Tries to Live a Quiet Life in Arrow Season 4 Trailer

The series returns October 7th.

#8. Barry Allen is Back in The Flash Season 2 Trailer

The series returns October 6th.

Batman v Superman Adding More Batman

#7. Warner Bros. Wants More Batman in Batman v Superman Now

A new rumor surfaced this week that Warner Bros. wanted more Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and director Zack Snyder gave an explanation as to why there will be more Batman than Superman in the movie. Find out what he had to say right here.

#6. Christopher Nolan Sets Unknown Movie for 2017 Release

Dark Knight Rises

Fans have been wondering when Christopher Nolan would get back behind the camera for another movie, and now an untitled project from the filmmaker has just been sent for release in 2017 in the heart of summer. Find out what we know about the project so far right here.

#5. Star Wars Round-Up: Episode VIII, Shattered Empire, Credits Tease and More

#4. First Teaser and Premiere Date for Marvel's Jessica Jones Series

The series debuts on November 20th on Netflix.

#3. Sam Smith to Sing Spectre Theme Song, Arriving this Month

spectre TV spot

Grammy-winning recording artist Sam Smith has been confirmed to sing the theme song to the new James Bond film Spectre. Find out when you can hear the song for the first time in our original post right here.

#2. Rogue Nation Star Rebecca Ferguson Rumored for Captain Marvel

Rebecca Ferguson's next movieMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation vixen Rebecca Ferguson is reportedly the frontrunner for the lead role in Captain Marvel, one of the film's from Phase Three of the Marvel cinematic universe. Find out more in our original story.

#1. King Kong May Head to Warner Bros. to Fight Godzilla


It sounds like Kong: Skull Island maybe headed to Warner Bros. Pictures instead of staying at Universal, and along with that update comes news that Legendary Pictures my be building a monster movie universe where Godzilla and King Kong may battle on the big screen again. Find out more in our original story right here.

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