Leonardo DiCaprio Vs. Freddy Krueger In 'Inception On Elm Street' Trailer Mash-Up

Thanks to the twisted mind of the recently passed horror icon Wes Craven, we'll forever have Freddy Krueger to haunt our nightmares. And while one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films finally decided to have Freddy's victims go out of their way to fight back in their dreams, only one dream expert has the power to stop him once and for all: Leonardo DiCaprio.

More specifically, it's Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb, the character from Christopher Nolan's dreamscape action thriller Inception. A trailer mash-up entitled Inception on Elm Street makes Cobb the dream gatekeeper that Freddy Krueger has to get by first before he came leap from our dreams into the real world. It makes for a rather intriguing concept.

Here's Inception on Elm Street from Pablo Fernandez (via TheMarySue):

Cobb makes the perfect adversary for Freddy Krueger since he specializes in subconscious security, keeping the deepest, darkest secrets of the mind safe from someone desperate to exploit them. But as you can see, not even the heavy weaponry of Cobb's sidekick Eames (Tom Hardy) is enough to take out Freddy Krueger. It probably just pissed him off even more, and now he'll haunt the dreams within the dreams of Cobb and the rest of his dream team.

The only way to beat Freddy Krueger may be to go inside of his dreams and beat him at his own game, maybe sparking inception of no longer being a homicidal maniac. Of course, there are few directors twisted enough to come up with the hellish dream world that would exist in the mind of a vicious psychopath like Freddy Krueger. But that's territory that was already brilliantly covered by Rick & Morty when the animated duo had to go up against a makeshift Freddy Krueger in the form of Scary Terry.