Terminator, John Wick, Star Wars, Collateral & Tons More Converge In 'Hell's Club' Movie Mash-Up

There's a good chance no one has ever thought that they'd like to see a movie that intersects the worlds of films such as Star Wars, Scarface, John Wick, Collateral, Terminator, Trainspotting, Saturday Night Fever and more. But that's exactly what Antonio Maria Da Silva has done with a wholly strange, mesmerizing and fantastic cleverly edited short compiled by using clips from all these movies.

We've featured supercuts and trailer remixes before, but this Hell's Club mash-up is something completely different. We don't want to give anything away, but Da Silva sets up the video by saying, "There is a place or fictional characters meet. Outside of time, outside of all logic, this place is known as Hell's Club. Just watch it and be mesmerized.

Here's Hell's Club from AMDS Films on YouTube:

Seriously, how fantastic is the editing in this video? With some clever cuts and color correction, Da Silva has made all these movie characters meet at a single night club. There's some choppy special effects to combine certain clips here and there, but the confrontations and stares these characters give to each other just work so magnificently.

As soon as Ewan McGregor from Trainspotting was making eyes at Ewan McGregor in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, I knew this was going to get weird. And the look of recognition between Tom Cruise from Collateral after seeing Tom Cruise in Cocktail was just great.

But the video really shows off when the gunfights break out between the likes of The Terminator, Vincent the Assassin and John Wick. It's such a surreal sight to see, and it makes you wish that an entire fictional world of all our movies existed somewhere for us to visit. Though hopefully it would be a little safer than Hell's Club.

Have fun trying to catch all the movies referenced in the video!