Beyond Fest 2015 Lineup Features Al Pacino, Fabio Frizzi, Edgar Wright, Rare 'Phantom Of The Opera'

I can't quite take in the full lineup for this year's Beyond Fest, which takes place in Los Angeles from October 1 – 12. There are west coast premieres for films like Kurt Russell's Bone Tomahawk, and The Assassin from Hou Hsiao-hsien. There's a special screening of Karyn Kusama's excellent movie The Invitation, and Edgar Wright and Bruce Campbell paired with screenings of the first two Evil Dead movies on 35mm.

There's Al Pacino — Al freaking Pacino — in person with a 35mm screening of Dog Day Afternoon, and Fabio Frizzi playing a very rare US show (one of only two this year) paired with a screening of The Beyond, uncut, on 35mm. There's the X-rated version of The Devils, also on 35mm, and a presentation of the 1925 Phantom of the Opera (on 16mm!) with the original 1925 score presented live by Ron Chaney.

There's more out of Beyond Fest 2015, too, but if that's not enough to get your attention I don't know what would be. Check out the full lineup below. 


China, 2015

LA Premiere, 105 min

Director – Hsiao-hsien Hou

BETTER OFF DEAD – 30th Anniversary Reunion Hosted by The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail

United States, 1985

97 min

Director – Savage Steve Holland

wi. Jonah Ray, Kumail Nanjiani, director Savage Steve Holland + cast in personTHE BEYONDUncut, uncensored director's cut in scope on 35mm

Italy, 1981

35mm, 87 min

Director – Lucio Fulci


United States, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 133 min

Director - S. Craig Zahler

wi. director S. Craig Zahler and actor Matthew Fox in personDOG DAY AFTERNOON

United States, 2015

35mm, 125 min

Director - Sidney Lumet

wi. actor Al Pacino and director Brett Ratner in personTHE DEVILSOriginal US X-rated cut on 35mm

England, 1971

35mm, 111 min

Director – Ken Russell

wi. introduction by director Bernard RoseNinja Presents ERASERHEAD: A Night of Zef Absurdia

United States, 1977

35mm, 89 min

Director – David Lynch

wi. Ninja and friends in personTHE EVIL DEAD (wi. EVIL DEAD II)Co-presented with Starz and Ash vs. The Evil Dead

United States, 1983

35mm, 87 min

Director – Sam Raimi

wi. Bruce Campbell and Edgar Wright in personEVIL DEAD II (wi. THE EVIL DEAD)Co-presented with Starz and Ash vs. The Evil Dead

United States, 1987

35mm, 84 min

Director – Sam Raimi

wi. Bruce Campbell and Edgar Wright in personFRIZZI 2 FULCI LIVE (wi. THE BEYOND)

Italy, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 100 min

wi. Fabio Frizzi and 8-piece orchestra performing liveHE NEVER DIED

United States, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 99 min

Director - Jason Krawczyk

wi. director Jason Krawczyk and actor Henry Rollins, moderated by Shepard Fairey in personINVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (wi. THE INVITATION)

United States, 1978

115 min

Director – Philip Kaufman


United States, 2015

Special Screening, 97 min

Director – Karyn Kusama

wi. director Karyn Kusama, writers Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and actor Logan Marshall-Green in personLEGEND

United States, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 131 min

Director – Brian Hegeland

wi. director / writer Brian Hegeland in personTHE MIND'S EYE

United States, 2015

US Premiere, 87 min

Director – Joe Begos

wi. live performance by Steve Moore before screeningwi. director / writer Joe Begos, editor Josh Ethier and actors Graham Skipper, Noah Segan in personTHE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

United States, 1925

16mm, 101 min (1925 original release)

Director – Rupert Julian

wi. live score performance of the original 1925 composition wi. Ron Chaney in personTOO LATE (free screening)

United States, 2015

35mm, 107 min

Director – Dennis Hauck

wi. director / writer Dennis Hauck in personYAKUZA APOCALYPSE 

Japan, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 115 min

Director – Takashi Miike


Japan, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 110 min

Director - Eiichiro Hasumi

DER BUNKER (free screening)

Germany, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 85 min

Director – Nikias Chryssos

FEBRUARY (free screening)

United States/Canada, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 93 min

Director – Oz Perkins

wi. director / writer Oz Perkins in personIN SEARCH OF ULTRA SEX (free screening)

France, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 60 min

Directors – Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine

MEN AND CHICKEN (free screening)

Denmark, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 100 min

Director – Anders Thomas Jensen

RABID DOGS (free screening)

France, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 99 min

Director – Eric Hannezo

SPL 2 (free screening)

China, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 120 min

Director – Pou-Soi Cheang

ZINZANA (free screening)

United Arab Emirates, Jordan, 2015

West Coast Premiere, 91 min

Director – Majid Al Ansari


Tickets for Beyond Fest 2015 are will be made available for purchase through Fandango and the American Cinematheque on 9/3/15. EVIL DEAD tickets will be available through Brown Paper Tickets on 9/5/15 at noon pt.

For the latest developments, visit the Beyond Fest official site and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.