Infographic: Get To Know The Absolutely Insane Vehicles Of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

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If for some reason you haven't already headed out to the store to buy Mad Max: Fury Road on Blu-Ray or DVD, it's available for purchase right now to watch over and over again. There's plenty to learn about the production in the special features, but you won't get to find out as much about the crazy cars of this cross-desert chase as you will in this infographic that just surfaced.

Warner Bros. Pictures has put together a fact sheet showing off some of the insane Mad Max Fury Road vehicles that get caught up in the non-stop action. From the Doof Wagon to the War Rig to the Gigahorse, there's some cool bits of information here for the gearheads and cinephiles out there.

Here's the Mad Max Fury Road vehicles infographic (via Collider):

With the exception of the crazy Doof Wagon, I think that my favorite has to be The Gigahorse, the vehicle of choice of primary bad guy Immortan Joe. Just seeing those two Cadillacs double up on each other is a wild sight, and I hope that someone out there has the resources and skills to make a replica vehicle just to make driving down the highway a little less monotonous. Hell, I'd settle for just getting my hands on one of those custom GoKarts from the Mad Max video game advertisement.

There's tons more vehicles that I'd like to get a closer look at (like the car that had the wheels of a tank), but maybe The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road book has a better look at the designs of the cars that we see driving around and blown up in this non-stop desert chase. There's likely even some alternate designs that didn't make it into the movie, which I wouldn't mind seeing in Mad Max: The Wasteland if it ever actually comes together.