VOTD: Hi, I'm A Marvel... And I'm A DC: Age Of Ultron And Batman V Superman

It's been a while since we got one of those "Hi, I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC" videos, but creator ItsJustSomeRandomGuy hasn't lost his touch, as evidenced by his latest video.

He's got a lot to work with in the new installment, with both mega-franchises preparing to square off at the box office next year — Marvel with Captain America: Civil War, DC with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And in between all the sniping, he even manages to get in a solid Fantastic Four dig. Watch it after the jump.

Truth be told, the whole concept behind these videos is a bit outdated by now. Who even remembers the original "Get a Mac" ad campaign that kicked off the first wave of parodies?

But it hardly matters when the jokes are this on point. Of course Captain America and Superman would be too busy making pleasant conversation to engage in Iron Man and Batman's verbal showdown. Of course Hawkeye would trash Quicksilver — only to get smacked down by the Flash. And seriously, what is up with all the superhero infighting next year, anyway?