Cool Stuff: Massive 10,000 Piece Custom Star Wars LEGO Technic Sandcrawler

Fans of both LEGO and Star Wars already know that there's an official version of the Sandcrawler from Star Wars: A New Hope available for purchase. It's a pretty impressive and expensive set that has over 3,200 pieces. But it's nothing compared to the massive custom creation put together by two master builders.

LEGO superfans Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley have crafted a LEGO Technic replica of the Sandcrawler that is three feet long, weighs 28 pounds, and is made up of over 10,000 pieces. And because it's a LEGO Technic creation, it can actually be driven around. Check out the custom LEGO Sandcrawler after the jump!

Here's an image of the huge LEGO creation that took over 500 hours to build:

And here's a video showing off how the Sandcrawler moves around:

Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing this creation to our attention after it was recently revealed at the Chicago Brickworld Convention back in June where it was nominated for Best Mechanical Creation.

Harkema and Hartley built it in the latter's basement which is completely devoted to LEGO, complete with tables, dozens of rows of plastic tubs full of pieces and anything a LEGO master builder might need. This was such an intense project that it began with five people building it, but there ended up only being two of them left.

The Sandcrawler may not look much like the actual Star Wars vehicle (which is actually mostly a dark mahogany color, but it's the mechanics that are the most impressive part of this creation. LEGO Technics aren't easy to create with custom builds, and the fact that this one is so big and actually works as a moving vehicle is very cool.

If you don't have the means to build your own custom LEGO Sandcrawler, you can just go buy the official LEGO set of the vehicle at the official LEGO Shop website, which is the cheapest place to buy it by far.