VOTD: 'Star Wars' Gets A 'True Detective' Opening Credits Sequence

As we wait to find out when we might see some live-action Star Wars series in this resurgence of activity in a galaxy far, far away that will go into overdrive after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the folks over at Star Wars Minute have given us a fun video to pass the time.

In honor of the recent season finale of True Detective (which has plenty of people confused, disappointed and more), they decided to make an opening credits sequence for Star Wars in the same fashion as the titles for the first season of the show. It's a fun little video to pass the time until The Force Awakens. Watch the Star Wars True Detective credits sequence below!

Here's the Star Wars credits in the style of True Detective (via Star Wars Minute):

There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason as far as the order of the names is concerned, especially when John Williams gets a music credit before more cast members are listed. However, one could argue that the score that John Williams provided is infinitely more important than most of the cast members listed after his name, with the exception of James Earl Jones. Or maybe the creators didn't feel like included any of the other names of crew members like the real opening credits sequence.

But if there's one thing that Star Wars shares with True Detective at this point (besides this fanmade credits sequence), especially with the destruction of the second Death Star, it's that in the galaxy far, far away, once there was only dark, but if you ask me, the light's winning. We'll have to see if that's really the case when Star Wars: Shattered Empire and Star Wars Aftermath both arrive in September as part of The Journey to the Force Awakens.