Chris Miller Talks Making A Han Solo Movie To "Give A Fire To Our Bellies"

Just one month ago we got word that The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller would be at the helm of the second Star Wars Anthology movie coming in 2018, this one focusing on Han Solo, renowned smuggler and captain of the Millennium Falcon. But since then we haven't heard anything about the project, not even wild rumors.

But that changes today as Chris Miller spoke a little bit about the "huge pressure" of making a Han Solo adventure, let alone a new Star Wars movie, and how they're grappling with the fact that they're making a "childhood dream" come true. Find out more about what Chris Miller said about the Han Solo movie after the jump!

Miller was recently talking to IGN about the Han Solo movie that will be written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan, and while he couldn't say anything about the story, he did talk about how they're approaching the movie and the pressure that comes with it:

"It's a huge pressure. We always try and find something that's gonna make us... give a fire to our bellies and do a really good job. And this feels like there's a lot of pressure to not screw this up. So we've definitely got that motivation and then the rest of it is about trying to give audiences a fresh experience that doesn't feel like you're just trying to check off some checklist of beats that you're expecting and make something that feels new and exciting for people, but at the same time honoring what was so great about that character."

It's good to hear him talk about avoiding that "checklist of beats" so we're not just getting a bunch of lies repeated from the original Star Wars trilogy for fan service. And Miller certainly has a lot of admiration for Han Solo as a character, and it seems like he knows him very well, which is surely why he ended up with the job along with Phil Lord:

"I could talk to you for a day about why he is the perfect blend of rogue-ish cowboy... Morally ambiguous, but has a clear moral compass. He's funny, he's off the cuff... When I was a kid on the playground, fights were about who got to play Han Solo. He's just one of the best characters ever created."

Anyone who played Star Wars on the playground has been there, and often times the fight took more time than the actual playtime. And once Han Solo gets his own movie, you can be sure there will be even more interest in the character. But the question is who will play the young Han Solo? We have our own line-up of possible stars who could be considered, as well as some potential story ideas, so be sure to check those out.

Right now Lord & Miller have my full confidence as filmmakers to pull this off. They haven't give me any reason to doubt them, and they've worked wonders by bringing incredible creativity to projects like The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street, both of which audiences were skeptical of before they hit theaters. Here's hoping they can bring that magic to the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars Anthology movie about Han Solo arrives on May 25th, 2018.