What Does The Neighborhood From 'Edward Scissorhands' Look Like 25 Years Later?

One of Tim Burton's best films is still Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp. This year just happens to mark the 25th anniversary of the peculiar suburban fantasy about a misfit creation named Edward who has scissors for hands who ends up being taken in by family who in many ways is just as strange as the title character. So what better time to revisit the neighborhood where Burton's story unfolds?

Just by looking at the suburban setting of Edward Scissorhands, you would think that the entire neighborhood was a film set. But it's a real neighborhood, and it's still around to this very day. But it looks remarkably different than it did in 1990 with one key difference that changes its entire appearance. See theĀ Edward Scissorhands neighborhood 25 years later after the jump!

Here's a gallery of images comparing the movie to the neighborhood today (via Imgur):

25 Years Ago Edward Scissorhands was filmed near my house

As you can see, the biggest difference between the neighborhood from 1990 and today is the more prominent presence of trees. It seems many more have been planted, or maybe just simply grew in the past 25 years, changing the vibe of the suburb completely. It just goes to show you just how much empty space can actually add, whether it's within a location or a single frame of a movie.

It's just a shame to see that one of the residents hasn't decided to have a bush sculpture in the same fashion that Edwards Scissorhands provided to his neighbors in the movie. That would be a nice touch. And someone demolished Edwards Scissorhands' creator's spooky castle! Because it was totally real, right? Right

Anyway, don't forget that this year marks the 25th anniversary of Edward Scissorhands and there will be a new special edition Blu-Ray for you to pick up if you're so inclined.