Video: Get A Much Closer Look At The Lexus Hoverboard In Action

Back in June, fans were cautiously optimistic about Lexus introducing a new device called Slide, which they purported to be a working hoverboard, just in time to meet the deadline set in place by Back to the Future Part II. At the time we didn't know how legitimate this project was, but now we have a much closer look at the very real hoverboard, and it's pretty slick.

Lexus has just unveiled a batch of videos showing the hoverboard in action, and there's even an entire hoverpark that it can be used in where professional skateboarders have got pretty good at riding it.

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Here's the new videos from Lexus explaining how they even came to consider creating their own hoverboard and how the idea evolved throughout the process, including testing their prototypes, as well as a glimpse at the hoverpark where this board is best utilized:

In addition, Jalopnik sent American race car driver Robb Holland to test out the Slide in Barcelona, and he learned just how difficult it is to ride. So get a glimpse at how your average person is able to ride a hoverboard for the first time, as opposed to some professional skates who have been messing around with it for awhile:

It's pretty awesome to see this board in action and really getting some rough playtime. Some of the shots of this board being ridden around are so sleek that it still almost looks fake.

The question is are we looking at the future of skateboarding here? Obviously there will always be regular skateboards, but could this be the start of a new era for the recreational and professional sport? I wouldn't count on seeing hoverboards in your local store anytime soon. This is a Lexus hoverboard after all, and they're not exactly known for providing affordable products. But this is a good start for a product that was once just considered science fiction.

The biggest hurdle that this particular hoverboard has to overcome is that the surface on which the board operates is specially manufactured to work with the super-cooled magnets inside the board. So you'd only be able to ride a hoverboard like this in designated areas, like the hoverpark that Lexus created. But again, this is just so cool that we're not even worried about the shortcomings right now.

How badly do you want to try out the Lexus hoverboard?