'Fantastic Four' Honest Trailer: The 2005 Movie And 'Rise Of The Silver Surfer' Are The Worst

If the recent extended preview for Fantastic Four is any indicator, 20th Century Fox is desperate for you to see and like their reboot of the Marvel comics superhero family. After all, they screwed up the quartet with the first two movies they made, and if this doesn't work then they might find themselves in an even more desperate situation.

And if you need a reminder as to just how badly Fox mishandled Fantastic Four before this recent reboot, Honest Trailers is here to tear apart not just the first film from 2004, but also Rise of the Silver Surfer from 2007. Watch the Fantastic Four Honest Trailer after the jump!

I would say that it's hard to believe that Fantastic Four was allowed to be made at a time when good comic book movies like X2: X-Men United, Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins were hitting theaters, but there have been plenty of awful comic book movies made from Marvel characters over the past 15 years.

However, Fantastic Four and "its crappy sequel" are certainly two of the worst comic book movies to grace the big screen since they subgenre took off with X-Men in 2000. From Jessica Alba's "acting" to some of the most contrived dialogue you've ever heard, there's no redeeming qualities in these movies whatsoever.

Special attention is paid to the fact that both movies hinge on the inciting incident being caused by two different space clouds, the latter being the most ridiculous of the two, making for one of the worst villains in a comic book movie, and I'm considering the other threatening cloud from Green Lantern when making that claim.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this Honest Trailer is that I had completely forgotten about some of the sheer stupidity on display in these movies, from Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) playing a shaving cream prank on Ben Grimm (complete with a sitcom style ending by Michael Chiklis) to The Thing getting shit on by a bird. And now that I've been reminded of these scenes, I've probably lost lyrics to a song or a phone number that I knew by memory up until that point.

And just in case you think that making a good Fantastic Four movie isn't possible (we'll find out this weekend), the video points out that Pixar already did this with a movie called The Incredibles, and they're right to say that it's perfect. (It's also my favorite Pixar movie).

Here's hoping Fox has something much better in store when the new Fantastic Four arrives on August 7th.