LOL: Special Edition Of 'Jurassic Park' Puts Everyone In High Heels

Before Jurassic World even hit theaters, it was already getting spoofed online with a completely wacky edit of the trailer, complete with velociraptors riding motorcycles alongside Chris Pratt (don't forget you can bid to win that motorcycle starting July 23rd).

And now that the sequel has been unleashed, it's time for the entire preceding Jurassic Park trilogy to get a flashy makeover to be more in tune with Jurassic World. More specifically, everyone will now be wearing high heels. And I do mean everyone.

Watch Jurassic Park High Heels Edition after the jump!

As the video explains, this new edition of Jurassic Park is in response to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Bryce Dallas Howard parading around in Jurassic World in high heels. The heels show that she's a strong female character and isn't just relegated to being a humorless, career-driven, childless woman. Right?

In reality, this is easily one of the silliest scenes in the movie. Somehow Howard is able to outrun a tyrannosaurus rex that previously was able to keep up with a gas-powered Jeep in Jurassic Park. I guess the old girl has taken a beating over the years, so we can't blame her for not being able to catch a nice meal on heels. But she was strong enough to take on the Indominus Rex, so we're back to the start with this problem again.

XVP Comedy from Chicago is the group behind this amusing video that's only made better once we get around to the dinosaurs wearing high heels. I love how the video builds to that, and the shot of that giant high heel stepping into the mud is just perfect, not to mention the raptor digging another heel into the back of the late Michael Jeter. And can we just say how high heels just make Jeff Goldblum look even cooler? I can't wait to get my hands on Jurassic Park High Heels Edition, and I hope all our favorite movies take a cue from this incredible release.