Watch This Most Impressive Fanmade 'Star Wars' Oculus Rift Game Trailer

If you thought that Jedi GoPro video we recently posted was a cool new way to experience a galaxy far, far away, wait until you see this fanmade trailer for a proposed Star Wars virtual reality game.

A company called Hammerhead VR created this trailer for Star Wars VR, a game intended to be played on the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset that will end up changing the way we play video games forever.

Watch the Star Wars Oculus Rift trailer after the jump!

Created with the Unreal Engine 4, the footage looks fantastic, even if it's not the most complex footage. It's the first-person Star Wars experience that really sells how cool a project like this could be. Whether it's facing Darth Vader in the carbon freezing chamber yourself, or leading the assault on the first Death Star, experience the action of Star Wars in an Oculus Rift would be so much fun.

There's not really any activity in the trailer with regards to characters in the Star Wars universe, but this was probably difficult enough to create with the moving ships and environments without worry about populating the game with digital people. Perhaps this is merely one of those automated experiences in the Oculus Rift that would be more like a video ride as opposed to a virtual reality game.

Hammerhead VR didn't provide much background information on the project, so it's not clear if this is something they're actively trying to get off the ground and merely needed some online buzz in order to get the attention of Disney and Lucasfilm. But they're careful to make sure they don't get into trouble by saying, "This is a non-profit, fan-made project and is in no way approved by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd, Walt Disney, or Twentieth Century Fox."

It's this kind of game that will make something like the Oculus Rift a must-have for gamers. But since it's still early on in the life of the Oculus Rift, game companies are still figuring out the best way to utilize the technology. Plus, it also needs to be made a little more affordable in order for it to take off in the consumer market. Once Oculus Rift takes off though, you can be sure valuable properties like Star Wars will be given the virtual reality treatment in a way that fans have dreamed of for a long time. For now, we'll just have to settle for Star Wars Battlefront coming in November.

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