VOTD: What Happens When You Put A GoPro Camera On A Jedi?

Over the course of six Star Wars saga films (seven if you include The Clone Wars), we've seen plenty of lightsaber action. In fact, it might have gotten a little overwhelming in the prequels as we jumped to the double-bladed lightsaber from Darth Maul and the four lightsabers wielded by General Grievous.

But outside the realm of video games, we've never been able to experience the action of a Jedi in first-person. But that changes today with YouTube user Bill Parker's creative video of a Jedi strapping a GoPro camera to his person before taking on some Stormtroopers, and other minions of the Empire, stationed in the desert. It's a pretty well-done little video that looks like a live-action video game.

Watch the Jedi GoPro video after the jump!

Thanks to Mashable for bringing this video to our attention. As you can see, it starts simple with the Jedi taking on some of the Empire's least accurate soldiers, but then he ends up facing some speeder bikes, a TIE Fighter and an AT-AT, all before some X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon come through to save the day.

While it's cool to see this play out in live-action video format, with some decent special effects too, I can't help but think that this Jedi is on the verge of turning to the dark side. Not only is he recording his encounters with the Empire (for whose enjoyment?), but he dispatches with that TIE Fighter pilot in a pretty aggressive way, after he's already incapacitated the ship. Just seems a little excessive for a Jedi.

Anyway, we'll get to see plenty of first-person action this fall when Star Wars Battlefront hits shelves, not only letting us relive some of the iconic battles from the Star Wars trilogy, but also the Battle of Jakku, which happened between Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But this will hold us over until then.