Christopher Nolan Has Finished A Script For His Next Project

As Ben Affleck preps his own Batman movie, the guy behind the last set of Batman movies is pushing onward with his post-Bat career. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has reportedly finished a "comprehensive draft" of a screenplay for his next project, though details are still hard to come by at the moment. More about the new Christopher Nolan movie after the jump. 

Cinematographer Will McCrabb tweeted news of Nolan's next film.

It's cause for celebration any time Nolan has a new film out, so this is great news. Unfortunately, however, any other details are being kept under very tight wraps. We don't know whether this is an adaptation or an original idea, what genre the movie might be in, or when it might begin shooting. Although you might expect that the project will be produced at Warner Bros, who has served as Nolan's home for a while now.

We're gonna go ahead and guess that Michael Caine will be involved in some capacity, since he usually is — they consider each other to be good-luck charms — but that's pure speculation.

Nolan last directed and co-wrote (with his brother Jonathan Nolan) 2014's Interstellar, but he's kept mum about his future plans. He tends to get a feature out about every two years or so, though, so hopefully we'll hear more on his next project in the not-too-distant future.