Duncan Jones Has 'Warcraft' Sequel Ideas, Still Wants To Make 'Mute' Next

Duncan Jones is at Comic Con to promote Warcraft, and he's got a few other things to say while talking about his upcoming third movie. Warcraft is very nearly done, with fewer than a dozen effects shots left to complete. And since the movie doesn't release until June 2016, that leaves him with a lot of time until he has to hit the promo circuit. He'll eventually get to work on a Warcraft sequel, and in fact he and Legendary have story ideas for two more movies.

What Jones seems most keen on doing, however, is filling the eleven months between now and the release of Warcraft by making another movie. Specifically, he hopes to finally shoot Mute, the future-set film he wrote several years ago and has called "a dark, dirty thriller."

Here's a clip of Jones talking about his plans, including the mention of ideas for Warcraft sequels, via io9.

Mute is the sci-fi story that Jones started talking about as he was promoting his debut, Moon, and is a project he tried to finance after Source Code. The film, written by Jones and Mike Johnson, is set in 2046 and features "a brutish 40 year old mute bartender named Leo who must go in search of his missing Afghan girlfriend."

It never managed to happen at the time, but he's held on to the idea of making the movie, even saying a year ago that he would like to make it after Warcraft.

Now Jones is in an interesting position, as Warcraft, originally scheduled for release in December of this year, was pushed, in part by Star Wars, into a prime summer 2016 release date. So he's got a big movie basically in the can, which could make financing for Mute come together in a way that hasn't been possible in the past. Perhaps Legendary, the outfit behind Warcraft, could even be convinced to pitch in on the movie.

Jones has said that the joint issues of casting and financing, which often go together, has been tricky with Mute as it features an actor who doesn't speak. Then there's the fact that Mute isn't exactly a sci-fi film, but it is set in the future and the environment and atmosphere is key to the concept. So there has been resistance to keeping it set in the future, with execs thinking it could just be done as a present-day thriller.

Here's a piece of Mute art created by Glenn Fabry, released by Jones two years ago. (Click to enlarge.)