Comic-Con 2015 Arrival Photos: The Town Is Painted Nerd

The SlashFilm crew has arrived here at Comic-Con 2015. Even though the convention doesn't get into full swing until tomorrow, Preview Night kicks off the nerd festivities tonight, and San Diego is already decked out with plenty of promotional materials.

To kick off the next few days of coverage, we went around downtown San Diego and took snapshots of all the marketing and hype that surrounds convention attendees while they try to get their hands on their favorite collectibles, see sneak peeks of forthcoming movies and new TV shows, and just geek out and freak out.

Below you'll find promo images and set-ups for Fox's new Minority Report series, the new video game LEGO Dimensions, The Peanuts Movie, Adult Swim's Rick & Morty, NBC's Heroes Reborn, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead and more. Check out our Comic-Con 2015 photos after the jump!

It's easy to slap a huge banner on the side of the building (relatively speaking), but I like the more clever bits of marketing, such as The Muppets branded pedicabs with Gonzo and Kermit the Frog on the back of them. Plus, that massive LEGO statue of Homer driving some kind of mech suit with Wonder Woman and Gollum above is pretty cool too.

As you can see, even some of the local businesses have fun as a Starbucks that's part of a hotel nearby the convention center had that bottom Star Wars artwork on their front window. I'm not sure Lucasfilm would approve, but we certainly do.

Some of these images are piece of promotional setups that are still being put together before the convention officially begins tomorrow. We're likely to see plenty more in the next few days, but this is just what we quickly spotted upon our arrival in downtown San Diego.

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And be sure to check our continually updated list of all of the Comic-Con panels, announcements, collectibles and more right here. Stay tuned the rest of the week to see what else pops up at Comic-Con 2015.

What are you excited to see from Comic-Con this week?