LOL: Conan O'Brien Attends Midnight 'Magic Mike XXL' Screening With His Staff

This weekend Terminator: Genisys is hitting theaters, but veteran action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot more to worry about than a new advanced cyborg. No, Schwarznegger's biggest threat is a group of shirtless, thrusting men from Magic Mike XXL.

The film has plenty of men and women alike getting the vapors, and Conan O'Brien wanted to see what all the fuss was about. On a recent episode of his late night talk show on TBS, Conan joined his female staff members for a girls night out as they headed to a midnight screening of the Channing Tatum-led sequel that isn't about a heavyweight magician. As you probably guessed,  the results are pretty damn funny.

Find out what happens when Conan O'Brien sees Magic Mike XXL after the jump!

Before Conan heads out to see the movie with a group of ladies, he sits down with them to find out what has them so excited about Magic Mike XXL. But he also has to brag about being "friends" with Chay Tay-Tay and chatting with Joe Manganiello on his own show, but they are not all that impressed.

Even less impressive are Conan's bump and grind dance moves, which may border on sexual harassment if you think about it. And when the comedian takes his shirt off, we learn that the Irish fella is just too white for television, forcing pixelated censors to stop everyone at home from being blinded.

And eventually the discussion turns to penis size, and based on hearsay from the ladies, Conan deduces that a certain sub sandwich chain's spokesperson may have a massive member. It's just science. And it's no coincidence that Conan and the ladies go to the restaurant Big Wangs, which you would think is like Hooters for women, but no such luck for the ladies. Though they do pick up a waitress to go with them, and we learn about something called "booty juice."

Based on this video alone, I'm pretty sure Conan could make a killing by leading bachelorette parties. Who wouldn't want to party it up in a limo with this ginger gem? Of course, he's probably pretty comfortable with his own TV show, so he probably doesn't have a need for any extra income.

Anyway, maybe you can round up some girls, or some guys, whatever floats your boat, and have just as much fun seeing Magic Mike XXL this weekend. But you probably shouldn't hump the floor like Conan did. There could be kids coming out of Inside Out and you don't want to knock on doors to tell people you're moving into the neighborhood.