Peyton Reed Wants An 'Ant-Man' Prequel About Hank Pym

Not only does Peyton Reed want to make another Ant-Man movie, he already has some ideas about what he'd like it to be. In a recent interview, he revealed his desire to make a prequel about Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas in this month's movie. See Reed's Ant-Man prequel comments after the jump. 

Click play to watch Reed discuss an Ant-Man prequel with, or just read his quote below.

Listen, if we were lucky enough to be able to do a sequel or a prequel, I'd be way into it. I've really fallen in love with these characters. I was always in love with the characters in the comic book world, but there's a lot of story to tell with Hank Pym.

Reed has been a very vocal fan of Hank Pym. "Growing up reading comics in the late '60s, early '70s, as a really young kid, he's one of the defining characters in the Marvel Comics universe [to me]," he said in a interview. "Hank Pym is one of the most compelling characters in the Marvel comics world."

In the comics, Hank Pym was the original Ant-Man. However, the film focuses mostly on his successor Scott Lang (Paul Reed). So a Pym-centric prequel might not be a bad idea. There's plenty of source material to pull from, and there are sure to be fans who prefer Hank Pym over Scott Lang.

Plus, the retro setting could open up the MCU to a whole new world of possible storylines and characters — such as Janet Van Dyne, Pym's wife and Hope's mother. Although Captain America: The First Avenger and its TV spinoff Agent Carter are the only MCU stories set in the past so far, Kevin Feige has said the studio could "certainly" do another.

But all of that's just speculation. While another Ant-Man movie is likelier to happen than not, Marvel hasn't actually confirmed anything. And even assuming another Ant-Man film is coming, we don't know if the studio will be on board with the prequel idea.

Ant-Man arrives in theaters July 17, 2015.