VOTD: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Zombies And The Giant Killer Plants Trailer

The world has been attacked by zombies countless times before, but a new trailer for a hypothetical action horror film throws something else threatening into the mix.

Norwegian filmmaker Alf Lovvold has put together an impressive visual effects laden trailer for Dawn of the Planet of The Zombies and The Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid, and it's just as crazy as it sounds. It's been awhile seen we've seen a killer plant movie like this, let alone one with zombies too. Watch the Dawn of the Stuff trailer below!

If that title is too long for you, Lovvold has just been referring to it as Dawn of the Stuff in various posts online (via Film School Rejects). The effects alone in this faux trailer are impressive on their own, and that's because Lovvold is co-founderĀ a 3D effects house in Oslo called Gimpville, which worked on films like Trollhunter, Kon-Tiki and Headhunters.

Honestly, if the movie was just about watching plants taking over Earth in the most destructive way possible, I'd be sold. There's plenty of worse movies with weaker premises that get made all the time, so it wouldn't be crazy for an idea like this to get off the ground. In fact, plenty of short films like have landed feature film deals (like this year's sci-fi flicks Chappie or Pixels), so maybe Dawn of the Planet of The Zombies and The Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid could become a real feature film.

But beyond the concept of this particular trailer, I'm surprised that we haven't seen two different apocalyptic themes like this combined into a single movie before. A zombie outbreak happening while giant plants take over the planet is pretty great, but you could throw zombies into any other disaster movie, like San Andreas, and the stakes get even bigger.

Would you watch a Dawn of the Stuff movie like this?