Exclusive Poster: 'Big Significant Things'

In Big Significant ThingsHarry Lloyd (Game of Thrones) plays a guy who is on the verge of making some big life commitments. He puts off the last stage of his personal growth for just a few days, however, to indulge in a solo roadtrip with stops along some of America's biggest and weirdest landmarks. Oscilloscope Laboratories will release the film later this year, and they've given us the great poster design to debut — check out the Big Significant Things poster after the break. 

Here's the poster. Click to enlarge.


Oscilloscope Laboratories will release Bryan Reisberg's Big Significant Things in U.S. theaters and digitally on July 24, 2015.

At 26, Craig Harrison is a week away from moving across the country and becoming a homeowner with his longtime girlfriend. With these big life changes on the horizon, Craig decides that now may be his last chance to go on that road trip he's never taken. Instead of spending the week house-hunting in San Francisco with his girlfriend and her parents, Craig lies about a sudden work trip and hits the road by himself. Craig journeys south with a plan to visit several of the world's largest roadside attractions and revisit a landmark from his childhood. However, as he ventures farther south, Craig encounters unexpected detours that threaten to steer him off-course.