VOTD: Overwhelm Your Senses By Watching All Six 'Star Wars' Movies At The Same Time

There are still more than 180 days left until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, and fans probably need all the help they can get passing the time until December 18th arrives. They'll get some help in September when Force Friday unveils a bunch of new merchandise from Episode VII. Otherwise, you just have to bide your time until Christmas arrives.

And to help out with that, one YouTube user decided to spend his time waiting for The Force Awakens by combining all six of the Star Wars movies into a single video. I don't mean that he edited all six movies down into a single movie. Instead, he took all six movies and put them on top of each other and played them at the same time. Watch all Star Wars movies at the same time after the jump!

One would think that the first couple minutes of Star Wars would sync up pretty well, but as soon as the 20th Century Fox fanfare starts, you can see that the timing isn't precise across each film. That may be because the various versions of the movies used don't have the same space between when the movie starts playing and when the actual video and audio starts, but it still makes you feel like you're watching Star Wars drunk.

And then it feels like you're watching Star Wars on acid as the open title and crawl moves across the screen. The Star Wars theme kind of matches up every now and then, but it almost sounds like it's playing from a warped record. And it only gets crazier from there as the real images from the movie start playing over each other.

It looks like YouTube user "maurcs" messed with the video so sometimes certain colors are transparent so that we'll see different parts of each movie as the video goes on. I can't imagine he played all the film reels at the same time and overlapped them that way. Though that's what it looks like most of the time. Here's some screenshots of what it looks like when the movies actually start playing:

If you want to see more screenshots, check out the HD gallery over here. I'm not sure I could sit and watch this whole video without some drinks or other helpful substance in my system, but it's certainly an interesting side project. If you have the time on a day like April 20th (which you can probably make happen any day), I'm sure it's worth throwing your mind for a loop.

Thanks to Esquire for bringing this trippy video to our attention.