Check Out Tons Of More Artwork From Mondo's 'Jurassic Park' Gallery Show

UPDATE: We've added a bunch of new artwork from the show!

Just last month we learned that Mondo was having another gallery show this month, this time paying tribute to the modern action adventure classic Jurassic Park. The gallery won't open up in Austin, Texas until June 12th, when Jurassic World hits theaters, but in the meantime, some new artwork from the show has just been unveiled.

The show is appropriate called "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth," and it's chock full of phenomenal, original artwork with plenty of references to everyone's favorite dinosaur flick.

Check out the recently revealed pieces from the Jurassic Park Mondo gallery after the jump!

UPDATE: Here's another gallery with a bunch more pieces from the show (via ScreenCrush):

Thanks to Business Insider and ScreenCrush for the new artwork. Mondo's CEO and creative director, Justin Ishmael, also sat down for a quick interview with ScreenCrush, and he teased the gallery opening next week:

We'll definitely have the iconic stuff that feels very Spielberg, very big. And then we have a lot of artists doing their interpretations of different dinosaurs from different scenes. We also have a "Mr. DNA" vinyl record that will be released that night.

And you can expect plenty of pieces that really tune into the fandom of Jurassic Park as pretty much all the artists are also fans of the film just like you:

For this show, I don't think there was anyone who hadn't seen the movie or didn't like the movie. I think the only person who doesn't like the movie is [Mondo creative] Rob Jones! Maybe that's just an age thing. I don't know! I think everyone in this show was into the movie. I'll let you know. It's definitely not impossible.

"When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" takes place at the Mondo Gallery, 4115 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX. The opening reception is from 7-10 p.m. on June 12th and the gallery will remain on display through June 27th. Visit this link if you want more information.

The films offer a rich world of colossal dinosaurs, gorgeous tropical landscapes and iconic characters for artists to draw their inspiration from. The title of the show "When Dinsoaurs Ruled The Earth" references the climactic scene of Jurassic Park when the T-Rex triumphantly reclaims her dominance at the top of the food chain, making the past tense of that falling banner's copy ominously incorrect. Now 65 million + 22 years later, dinosaurs are getting their first fully functioning theme park in Jurassic World with all of the terrible implications of how that will go perfectly wrong.The following artists will be represented at "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth." Remaining prints and original works will go on sale at at a future date. Follow @MondoNews for more art reveals and information leading up the show! For more information on the gallery, visit BlackFrans BoukasBecky CloonanSam Wolfe ConnellyDKNGJason EdmistonJames FlamesFrancesco FrancavillaKen GardunoNicole GustafssonBrandon HoltAaron HorkeyJockRich KellyKilasThe Little Friends of PrintmakingDan McCarthySeb MesnardDrew MillwardGary PullinArik RoperNeal RusslerTiny Kitten TeethTodd SlaterStan and VinceKen TaylorJohn VoglTeagan WhiteErica WilliamsNC WintersWocco"Hosting an entire gallery exhibit of new Jurassic Park artwork is a dream come true for us. It has been over 20 years since the first film captured the imagination of the entire planet and we hope to recreate some of the wonder and excitement of the franchise with this show," said Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael