Nicolas Winding Refn Dishes Hints About Possible Film 'The Avenging Silence'

Drive and Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn has just shot his next film, The Neon Demon, in Los Angeles. That one will be going into post-production, with a bunch of VFX to complete along with all the other aspects of post-production.

While Refn is still in LA, he dedicated an evening to the LP release of the soundtrack to Bronson. Before that event kicked off, Refn gave a little interview in which he teased possible details of a Tokyo-set spy film called The Avenging Silence.

Collider got Refn on video talking about a potential new project, which he teased out in little bites of info. First he mentioned that, following The Neon Demon, he'd like to do something set in Tokyo. He mentions that it could be his next film, saying "I think it probably will be. But I haven't decided yet. There are some other things I'm working on."

Frankly, it's difficult to tell if Refn is messing with Frosty when he doles out comments like "I would love to do like a spy movie, something like that." He's often cagey about what his next film(s) might be. When I was on the Neon Demon set a couple weeks ago he was totally unwilling to talk about it, though Tokyo was also mentioned then. It's his general demeanor what is difficult to read here, but Refn is a bit of an imp (surprise!) so take this all as you will.

Watch the video via the link above. He does go on to say this:

Yeah, it's basically a character that appears in my other movies that will now appear again. Having done The Neon Demon, which was predominantly women protagonists, but the character that Mads [Mikkelsen] plays in Valhalla Rising, Ryan [Gosling] plays him in Drive or Vithaya [Pansringarm] in Only God Forgives, I want to make a new movie with that character.

Ref says this potential film is called The Avenging Silence. That, combined with the idea of a sort of eternal reborn character spirit, makes for an interesting idea, at least.