VOTD: Kids Are Shocked To Learn Transformers Existed Before 2007

There are some of us who have been acquainted with Transformers for so long that we tend to forget that there's a whole generation of kids who have no idea that the Autbots and Decepticons were doing battle decades before they hit the big screen in 2007. And that brings us to another edition of Kids React, this time with some youngsters learning that the Transformers actually hail from the 1980s. Their reactions are pretty priceless. Watch kids react to old Transformers after the jump!

Here's Kids React to Old Transformers (via Mashable):

"This is not the Transformers I know."

Yes, before the Transformers became Michael Bay's latest excuse to put hot girls and explosions on the big screen, they were an animated series designed to sell countless toys. Quite literally, for the younger kids aware of Transformers today, these transforming robot aliens are more than meets the eye. They have a whole mythology that informs the action bonanza that we see unfolding in the form of millions of visual effects.

Most of the kids are surprised by the existence of the cartoons. Others clearly have parents who have taught them a thing or two about the history of Transformers. And one just likes the catchy theme song. But all of them are blown away when they find out that the original Transformers cartoon is from 1984, with no hesitation about saying "that's really old." And then many of them are embarrassed when they see the movie versions of the Transformers with the cartoons. C'mon, kids! Show a little respect!

Don't worry, you little heathens. With Paramount Pictures planning a whole Transformers universe for the big screen, you'll get your fill of the more modern Autobots and Decepticons over and over again. And with the hiring of some female writers for the Transformers brain trust to make this all happen, maybe it won't be such a boys' club film franchise anymore.