Do You Want To Work In A 'Star Trek' Enterprise Office Or Drink In The 'Breaking Bad' RV?

If the idea of a Wes Anderson-designed Italian cafe just isn't your thing, maybe you'll be more interested in working in an office building created to look like the Enterprise from Star Trek. Or if you don't feel like boldly working where no man has worked before, how about getting some drinks on board the RV meth lab from Breaking Bad?

Both are now possibilities in far parts of the globe thanks to the ingenious ideas of a few die-hard fans of both the classic sci-fi franchise and the contemporary crime thriller series. Get details on the Star Trek Enterprise office and Breaking Bad RV bar after the jump.

First up, The Wall Street Journal (via The Verge) reports Chinese game developer NetDragon Websoft has completed construction of an entire office building made to resemble the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Here's some cool footage of the building so you can see it in all its glory:

Construction began back in the fall of 2010, and the building was just finished last October. This was a very thorough project as well, with the company going out of their way to contact CBS in order to get permission to construct the office. Initially the network thought it was a joke, but once the legal documents started rolling in, they realized what they were dealing with.

If you happen to be in the coastal city of Changle, in the Fujian province, you can check out the $97 million building. But if you can't make it to China, it also looks awesome from overheard if you take a gander at the location on Google Maps. Sadly the inside of the building probably doesn't have a warp drive. But hopefully there's an employee in there names Scotty who is giving her all she's got. The real question is just what model of the Enterprise would this be? Fans will have to debate in the comments.

Meanwhile, our friends across the pond will be cooking up some goodies in a new Breaking Bad RV pop-up bar. No, this isn't a sanctioned location to cook meth. Instead, this London bar called ABQ (as in Albuquerque) is a recreation of Walt and Jesse's mobile RV meth lab where patrons can cook up their own cocktails.

Breaking Bad - RVThe AV Club says the bar will only allow 20 people in the RV at a time and will utilize "gas masks, smoke, and equipment familiar from your chemistry classes" in order to create drinks with the assistance of expert mixologists. It's the best way to ensure that patrons produce a chemically pure and stable product that performs as advertised. You will be the one who knocks'em back.

ABQ opens up in London in July and will stick around for three months. But you'll have to sign-up in order to get in, and nearly 25,000 people have already gotten on the waiting list. If you want some more details, including a tease at what the bar actually looks like, check out the teaser website right here.

Would you want to work in the Star Trek Enterprise office or drink in the Breaking Bad RV bar?