One 'Star Wars' Fan Has Compiled All 'The Force Awakens' Rumors Into A Detailed Plot Synopsis

First and foremost, we here at /Film are passionate fans of movies. That's why we go out of our way to make sure we don't post any spoilers without fair warning so as not to ruin the movie-going experience for anyone else. This is especially true when it comes to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which can be difficult when there are endless spoilers out there.

But there are some fans who seek out spoilers like a bloodhound, anxious to know every last detail about the film they'll eventually see in theaters. And one fan has taken that philosophy to the extreme by compiling all The Force Awakens rumors and putting them together into a plot synopsis for the entire movie.

Keep in mind that since this was put together with rumors (some very credible) that along with the inevitable inaccuracies, there are also plenty of details in here that are 100% correct. So if you choose to read on, beware of some potential massive spoilers. Read below at your own risk! has had new rumors about The Force Awakens each and every day. One of their regular readers decided to get all the rumors that the site has posted, and pieced them together into what they think is a detailed plot synopsis for the film. The site has posted the full potential plot synopsis of The Force Awakens, but just so fans know what they're getting into, they also posted this disclaimer:

"What follows below is an edited synopsis DarthLightlyBruise did based on rumors from this site. I think it is a fun read and worth sharing. I did a slight edit on a few things to best reflect the scenes which were shot last summer at Pinewood Studios. This lays out the entire film and I suggest not reading it if you find "spoilers" ruin movies for you. Please be cool and do not ruin the movie for anyone out there that doesn't want to know these things. That means being responsible on social media and taking into account who might be reading your posts or what a retweet might mean in certain instances. If you're on you probably feel that spoilers enhance the movie experience. However, not everyone agrees with that so we should respect their right to be blissfully ignorant of the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

We're not going to post the full synopsis here, mostly because it does contain plenty of spoilers. And again, while this synopsis is all based on rumors, there are tons of details in here that are absolutely accurate. It's a very educated guess at everything that happens in the movie, so if you're trying to go into The Force Awakens with as little information as possible, do not read this compilation of information. But if you're really itching to know everything you can, check out the full fan-written synopsis right here.

Also keep in mind that aside from the correct details in this meticulous compilation of rumors, there are some pieces of information that are completely wrong too. There's one particular big piece of information in here that is in no way correct. But anyway, if you happen to read this, don't go posting spoilers in the comments or elsewhere online. Respect the fans who don't want to know as little as possible about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and move along.