Harry Shearer's 25 Best Characters From 'The Simpsons'

Harry Shearer may not voice any of the Simpsons themselves, but he's pretty essential to what makes The Simpsons a show that has lasted more than quarter century. Shearer voices dozens of the show's large and small characters, and though things are still up in the air according to show producers, there's a good chance the famous comedian and voice actor might be leaving this show with the upcoming season.

Just how essential is Shearer to The Simpsons? We've ranked his 25 best characters, which only scratches the surface of the characters he voices. Will we ever see or hear these characters again? Read about the 25 best Harry Shearer Simpsons characters below.

The 25 Best Harry Shearer Simpsons Characters

1. Mr. Burns

Springfield's richest man, owner of the Nuclear Power plant and Homer Simpson's boss has provided some of the show's most notable catch phrases and memorable storylines of all time.

2. Ned Flanders

The Simpsons' ultra religious neighbor is always there to loan Homer some equipment, be incredibly nice, or shield his sons – Rod and Todd – from the world around them.

3. Principal Skinner

The Principal of Springfield Elementary is Bart Simpson's #1 nemesis and the worst mama's boy in the history of the world.

4. Waylon Smithers

This trusty assistant is slightly ambiguous in his preferences of all things, except a deep love of Mr. Burns. And Malibu Stacey.

5. Otto

His name is Otto, and he loves to get blotto. Bart and Lisa's stoner bus driver is always listening to his music and chilling.

6. Kent Brockman

The host of Eye On Springfield may not be the smartest news anchor out there, but he sure knows how to party and turn a phrase.

7. Reverend Lovejoy

Head of the First Church of Springfield, Lovejoy is great at writing the sign outside and putting Homer to sleep with his unique drawl and religious sermons.

8. Rainier Wolfcastle/McBain

Springfield's biggest movie star may look and sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger (also voiced by Shearer), but he also has a big heart, bigger muscles and the biggest action franchise in the animated world: McBain.

9. Dr. Hibbert

Always quick with a laugh at literally the most inappropriate times, Springfield's resident physician does his best to help the maladies of everyone in town.

10. Lenny

One of Homer's best friends, work colleagues and Moe's Tavern drinking partners, Lenny can never quite catch a break.

11. Jasper

One of Grandpa Simpson's frequent cohorts, this raspy voiced senior citizen always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like the freezer of the Qwik-E-Mart.

12. Dr. Marvin Monroe

Have a problem with your noggin? Springfield's premiere psychologist will do his best to help, if he doesn't electrocute you to death first.

13 Eddie The Cop

Like most of Springfield's law enforcement, Eddie (on the left) isn't too bright. But at times he at least outshines his boss, Chief Wiggum. Lou, his partner, does seem a bit brighter though.

14. Herman

The one-armed war veteran of Springfield runs his own military antiques store and is always struggling with PTSD.

15. Kang

Not to be confused with his colleague Kodos (voiced by Dan Castellaneta), Kang is from Rigel 7 and will stop at nothing, except maybe The Simpsons, on their quest for world domination.

16. Dewey Largo

One of the music teachers at Springfield Elementary school, he's probably best known for kicking Lisa out of class in the now decades old credits sequence.

17. Scratchy

The famous cartoon cat has died more times than, well, probably anyone, in his never-ending quest to best his arch nemesis, the mouse Itchy.

18. Jebediah Springfield

He doesn't talk often, primary because he's been dead for a long time, but Springfield's founder lives forever as a statue in the middle of town. The head will, occasionally, be removed though.

19. Sanjay

The younger brother of Kwik-E-Mart proprietor Apu, Sanjay is not as heard a worker, but he will show up to help from time to time.

20. Legs/Lenny

Fat Tony's two best henchman (back left and right) are almost indistinguishable personality wise, but voice wise one is the subject of a massive lawsuit.

21. Judge Snyder

One of the most powerful, and biggest, men in Springfield usually ends up with one of the Simpsons in front of his bench. And, usually, he lets them off the hook.

22. Bill & Marty

Bill and Marty are Springfield's favorite wacky morning radio hosts who work for KBBL. They once interviewed Spinal Tap, starring Harry Shearer.

23. God

Everyone once in a while, Homer has to talk to the big guy. He's usually just a sandaled foot, but the voice is booming and powerful.

24. Hitler

Harry Shearer was the go to guy for historical figures on The Simpsons and who funnier or weirder than one of the most evil men of all time?

25. John Travolta

One of the world's leading scientologists has only appeared on the show twice, but his first appearance was the punchline to one of my favorite jokes in one of my favorite episodes. Here it is.

Finally, Five Awesome Obscure Characters That Didn't Make the List

  • George Washington/Abraham Lincoln/George Bush/Bill Clinton etc.
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  • Birch Barlow
  • Jeeves
  • Clancy Bouvier
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