VOTD: The Five Stages Of Watching A Marvel Movie

There's no doubt that we cover more than a fair share of news surrounding Marvel Studios and their ever-growing cinematic universe. The hype for these movies often begins on the internet as that's where all the rumors starts and spread like wildfire, and it's a large part of creating buzz and anticipation for the comic book blockbusters. Now the folks who come up with those amusing videos saying how films like Guardians of the Galaxy should have ended have chimed in with The Five Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie. Watch the video after the jump!

Here's "The Five Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie," by OnlyLeigh, via How It Should Have Ended:

Thankfully, not all fans of Marvel Studios films are this annoying, but it's safe to say that we all know someone like this. Some of them are comic book fans, others are just fans who absorb everything they read on the internet. But they all have some sort of huge anticipation, piece of trivia they want to tell you about during the movie and inevitably an odd complaint about any given film in the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron was the last Marvel film to take fans through this process, but this particular film may have added a stage as we've been getting all sorts of information about scenes that were cut from the film. For example, Joss Whedon cut what would have been Hulk's best moment in the entire Marvel universe, and Thor's subplot was severely cut down. Plus, let's not forget about going back and catching all the Easter eggs hidden in the film for fans. And surely some of the naysayers would like to add something sarcastic like "disappointment" as one of the stages.

Anyway, we'll get to run through this process all over again when Ant-Man arrives in July. And while it may be one of the least anticipated films Marvel has put out, with the recent revelation that Paul Rudd is going to be in Captain America: Civil War, clearly whatever happens in Ant-Man will be just as important as pretty much any other Marvel movie we've seen so far.

Do you go through the Five Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie?