Louis C.K. Will Star In, Write And Direct 'I'm A Cop'

Let's Be Cops? Forget it. Let's find out more about I'm a Cop, which is the new film to be written and directed by Louis C.K., who will also star. The comic has been talking about making a new film for a couple years, but the first real details have only recently started to come out. In a way, this sounds like the polar opposite of Let's Be Cops, and given that it will make use of Louis C.K.'s many talents, that's something I want to see.THR has some details, saying

I'm a Cop follows a depressed, middle-aged volunteer police officer (C.K.) who's forced into becoming a real cop when his heroic, heavily-decorated mother dies and leaves a legacy to be fulfilled on the force. The only problem? He never wanted to be a cop.

Producers on the film include Dave Becky and Louie producer Blair Breard, and Scott Rudin.

Louis is a jack of nearly all trades on his show, producing and editing in addition to writing, directing, and starring in the show. Seems like he probably won't go that far on this project given his previous comment about filmmaking, where he said "I don't feel like I need anyone to tell me anything with a TV show because I know exactly what I'm doing, but I'd be arrogant to think that I can take someone's $8 million and just turn in a movie."

Regardless, so long as we get to see his talent on unbridled display in the film I don't care if he has to set aside a few of his overachieving patterns from TV. We know he learned a lot from the experience making Pootie Tang, and it will be great to see him put those lessons to work.