Page 2: /Film Was Mentioned In 138 E-Mails Revealed In The Sony Hack

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15 tips for that perfect #Dadbod from Homer SimpsonFUN, NEW FACTS ABOUT THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER – DIAGON ALLEYThe InterviewDaily Blog Post from Editor Peter Sciretta: Hello everyone and welcome to a new segment we introduced this week, a mini blog from myself. I hope you're enjoying these little asides in between all the tidbits. Today's blog deals with something I stumbled across in the leaked Sony documents.

When the Sony hack happened, I never got sent, nor went looking for, the batches of leaked e-mails sent out to press outlets. But now that Wikileaks has been posting them, a friend of mine sent over a link to a search on the site showing that /Film was actually mentioned in these high level exchanges. In fact, "slashfilm" was mentioned in 138 results. While that sounds like a lot, most of those e-mails were buzz roundups — a standard practice at studio of collecting media or social coverage of various Sony projects into a compilation e-mail for Sony executives and staff.

The result of the search did not find anything terribly interesting, but one e-mail did stand out that I thought was kind of humerous:

An e-mail exchange between Seth Rogen and Sony head Amy Pascal in which Rogen forwarded a link to Russ Fischer's story "Sony Altering 'The Interview' to Appease North Korea" from August 13th 2014. The subject line of the e-mail is: "Well, this is pretty much the worst headline imaginable:". How funny. The back-and-fourth exchange is about how to respond to The Interview situation, and is incredibly fascinating from a behind the scenes perspective. It also appears that Twitter kept on trying to recommend the @slashfilm twitter account to the former Sony head.

Okay guys, lets get to today's edition of Page 2.

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Meet Mokey t-shirt

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