James Cameron Has A Script For A Fifth 'Avatar' Film

It goes without saying that James Cameron has a lot more story to tell in the universe first seen in Avatar. As it stands now, three sequel films are in development, and if all goes according to plan they will be released each year starting in 2017. However, according to one of Cameron's frequent collaborators, there may be more.

James Horner, the Oscar-winning composer of Titanic who also did Avatar and Aliens, said that Cameron currently has a script for a fourth sequel – let's call it Avatar 5 – that he's trying to condense back into the previously planned three sequels. Read more about the Avatar sequels below.

Horner revealed this in an interview with Hey U Guys. You can listen below.

James Horner Talks Avatar Sequels

Here's the exact quote:

Right now Jim has four sequels, script wise. And he's trying to make it into three. And that is where, I think, his effort is going right now. To keep it to three sequels. Because he's got so much going on how do you keep it from expanding into a fifth movie, total. And he'll get that sorted out.

That's a pretty big revelation. We've been hearing for years that Cameron and his team (which includes Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Josh Friedman and Shane Salerno) have been working on the scripts. We recently heard those scripts were complete. But the fact there's another script Cameron is trying to squeeze into the others makes it sound like there's still much work to be done. Plus, you have to think, once those 5th film elements start getting placed into the other movies, there's no going back.

It's also important to note that in Horner's quote, he specifically says he believes Cameron will be successful in squeezing that fourth script into the other three. Cameron, it seems, is pretty set on making only three more movies.

With Avatar 2 (and its sequels, however many there are) likely to go into production later this year, we'll probably get more clarification soon. Cameron isn't one to hide when there's information to be explained.

What do you think about the possibility of a fifth Avatar?