New 'Jurassic World' Images And Poster: It's A Dinosaur Vs. Jaws

A new Jurassic World trailer is likely right around the corner, but before that happens, a few new images have gone online. Most of them are stills from the film featuring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and others. Those are interesting but the coolest bit is a possible leaked teaser poster that features the Mosasaurus, the aquatic dinosaur we've seen in the trailers, trailing a shark in the water. And it's kind of terrifying. It doesn't say anything about the movie really, but it's an incredibly striking image. Check out the Jurassic World poster, along with some new images, below.

Here are all of the new Jurassic World images, starting with that aforementioned poster (which comes from Movieweb and may or may not be official and final) as well as an exclusive image from Entertainment Weekly. The rest are from the Jurassic Park Twitter account.

Jurassic World Poster and Images

The Entertainment Weekly story also has a little back story on the gyrosphere scene plays into the movie. Here's just a brief synopsis:

In one scene that pays homage to the first Jurassic's iconic T. rex/Ford Explorer sequence, the unlucky lads come close to becoming the beast's playthings. "There's a ride at the park that allows you to get into a gyroscopic sphere and be out in the wild with dinosaurs and travel beneath them—and that goes horribly wrong," says Trevorrow, whose only other feature is 2012's time-travel indie Safety Not Guaranteed. "Imagine being inside a sphere and then suddenly it breaks and you're rolling like a cat with a ball of yarn." Enter Claire, who morphs into an Ellen Ripley-like heroine to protect her nephews. "Becoming a mother myself, I've realized being maternal is being wildly badass," the actress says with a laugh.

Jurassic World opens June 12, hence the "Two Months" image above. Are you looking forward to it?