Rumor: 'John Wick' Directors Might Direct A DC Superhero Movie

There are many DC superhero movies coming in the next few years, but not that many directors attached. Zack Snyder will do the Justice League films, David Ayer is doing Suicide Squad and Michelle MacLaren is directing Wonder Woman. Beyond that, the rumors have started to swirl. Apparently Phil Lord and Chris Miller are on a wish list to do The Flash. Now word has leaked that Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, the stunt coordinators-turned-directors who made John Wick, are also being sought to direct a DC film.

The DC movie directors rumor came from Latino Review's El Mayimbe on Instagram. He specifies he hasn't heard which film the directors are up for, but they are good friends with Jason Momoa. Maybe it's Aquaman?

The other options are The Flash, if Lord and Miller don't do it, Shazam, Cyborg or Green Lantern. The kinetic style of John Wick probably meshes with any one of those characters so that doesn't offer much of a clue. If anything, Aquaman feels like the least compatible simply because you have to assume there will be underwater action, and that would probably feel slower. On the other hand, maybe slower, underwater action could lend itself to more transparency in the choreography. That could be something Stahelski and Leitch would be interested in.

If we step back, I think the biggest take away from this rumor, whether or not Stahelski and Leitch direct a DC movie or not, is that Warner Bros. is moving ahead. They're working on finding directors to begin to mold this incredibly ambitious plan they have. It's a plan that's contingent on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice being a massive hit and the possibility they're out to directors about these other movies bodes quite well for the films that we'll see first like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

Do you like the idea of Stahelski and Leitch being DC movie directors?