Teaser Trailer For 'Back To The Future' Reboot Starring Vin Diesel

We used to post an April Fools Day story each year on /Film, but I became annoyed by all the uncreative unfunny fake stories which infest this day. So we haven't really participated in April Fools Day in a few years, and thats not changing this year — all the news you see on our front page is real news we believe to be true (hey, there's always the chance that we'll get fooled). So I'm not even going to pretend this is real for even a sentence or two (I know I'd almost have a mini heart attack), but I think its worth checking out.

I wanted to highlight this video from IGN, which claims to be a teaser trailer for a new Back to the Future reboot titled Fast to the Future starring Vin Diesel. I love this fake trailer as an April Fools Day release because you might buy it for a few seconds before it becomes so obviously ridiculous, It took some work to create this edit complete with computer generated effects... and its just fun. Watch the Back to the Future reboot trailer embedded after the jump.

Back to the Future Reboot Trailer

Who wouldn't want to see Vin Diesel driving fast in a Delorean time machine to right some wrongs? Well, me. Its fun as a joke trailer but lets hope Hollywood doesn't reboot the Back to the Future franchise any time soon.