Watch An Animated Alternate Ending For Kevin Smith's 'Red State'

Kevin Smith's career changing movie Red State could have gone in a very different direction. Smith has gone on the record saying that he had a different ending of the film in mind when he first wrote the script. However, he they realized the budget was only $4 million, he scrapped the bigger ending in favor of something smaller and quieter.

In other interviews, Smith has said what he wanted that ending to be but – in case you haven't read it – I won't say it here. Especially because Smith has proved Entertainment Weekly with an animated version of this original vision and it's absolutely insane, especially if you don't know what's coming.

Watch the animated Red State alternate ending below.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and Kevin Smith for this video.

Animated Red State Alternate Ending

In the video Smith says the movie cost $4 million and he would have done this if he had $15 million. That almost suggests this stunt would have cost more than double what the rest of the movie did. Can that really be true? Sure you're talking about some expensive visual effects, especially if you want to make it look real and do multiple head explosions in a single take. Practical effects would most definitely require some cuts for realistic makeup. Then there are the angel costumes and horses. You shoot those against a green screen...

Okay, the more I think about this, the more I can see how expensive this ending would have been, and I'm not even a filmmaker. I'm sure someone else could break down exactly how much this would cost.

I like Red State for the most part (you can read my full review from the original Sundance screening at this link) so it's hard to say if this ending would have changed that. In theory, it's ballsy and awesome but maybe it would have been too much and too different from the rest of the movie? Who knows.

It's pretty excellent that we get to see it in this form though, especially with Smith commentary.

What do you think of the Red State alternate ending?