VOTD: 'Back To The Future' Predicted 9/11 - A Brilliant Truther Parody Doc

Does Back to the Future predict 9/11? Was the 1985 film a warning about our future? Of course not. But thats the fun of this well-edited documentary short.

Last night I was at Cinefamily's monthly YouTube Party, an event where a theater full of people gather together to take a collective trip down the rabbit hole of YouTube's funny and weird videos with the help of the hosts and live suggestions from the audience. It's a lot of fun, and they also have a buffet of junk food and cheap beer which makes the $5 ticket price oh so attractive.

One of the videos played at the March edition of the event was a video titled "BACK TO THE FUTURE 9-11 prediction !!! [Illuminati Conspiracy]". Its not a new video but since the audience at the event seemed to love it so much, I thought it was worth sharing here. Watch the Back to the Future 9/11 prediction video embedded after the jump.

The video is presented as a serious examination of a Illuminati/Truther conspiracy hidden inside one of my favorite movies: Back to the Future. Yes, the video has a major tragedy at its core, but I believe the point is to show how you can link almost anything to this event if you tried, even something as ridiculous as a 1980's time-travel comedy. And that said, it's comical how many connections the author of the video is able to make. I've always been entertained by a well-thought out wacky film theory, as insane as they can get. Watch the Back to the Future conspiracy theory video below.

Does Back to the Future predict 9/11?

Back to the Future's Connection To JFK Assassination

The same YouTube user barelyHuman11 also has another video titled "BACK TO THE FUTURE John F Kennedy Assassination" which tries to connect the assassination of JFK with Back to the Future in another ridiculous (but well thought out) conspiracy theory. You can also watch that video embedded below: