UPDATE: Oscar Isaac Clarifies His 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Quotes

UPDATE: We spoke to Isaac and he clarified the intentions of his quote. Original story follows.

If J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm were a bit more open about who and what the characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens were, what follows might not be news. But right now, even though we know Oscar Isaac plays a character named Poe Dameron, we don't know who that is. We've heard some rumors, and those rumors are that he's very important to the sequel trilogy; the Han Solo of the younger generation. But those are just rumors. The fact of the matter is we don't know who or what is important to this trilogy of films.

In a new interview, Isaac discussed Rian Johnson's Star Wars Episode VIII. His quote, albeit brief, could be construed as a spoiler for anyone avoiding info on who or what makes it to the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read the Poe Dameron Episode 8 quote below, but proceed with caution.

Isaac was talking with Moviefone about Star Wars and this exchanged occurred. Again – spoiler warning:

Q: And your next director isn't too shabby either. Are you excited about working with Rian?

A: Yes. Very excited.

Q: Have you talked to him yet?

A: No, not yet.

Well, that pretty much confirms Poe Dameron will be back for Episode VIII. My apologies for the double speak above but you have to be careful with these kind of things. To most, it seems incredibly obviously that a character like this would make it at least into the next movie but you have to be respectful and extra careful with Star Wars spoilers.

If you're still reading, you've got to be at least tangentially okay with talking about the fates of these characters so let's be honest. It's going to be a huge surprise if any of the newer characters don't make it out of this movie. If one or two of the older characters don't, that would be a surprise in itself, but you don't cast all new Star Wars characters only to kill them in the first movie. Unless you're George Lucas and it's Qui-Gon Jinn. Or Darth Maul. So there is precedent. Still, odds are Dameron is going to be there until the end.

Are you surprised Isaac confirmed this?

UPDATE: You should be surprised, if you weren't. I also had the chance to talk to Isacc about Ex Machina (which is frigging awesome and co-stars another Star Wars actor, Domhnall Gleeson) and he brought up the above quote. I asked him if the actors in the series know what's going to happen to their characters beyond The Force Awakens. His response:

Ah, I couldn't speak to that. I don't even know. I think generally...watching the trailer was my only confirmation that I even was going to be in this one so I have no idea. I know that people thought I was saying I was going to be in the next one which is not true. I was asked if I was excited to work with Rian Johnson. I mean of course I would. I'd be excited to work with him. I have no confirmation whether I will or not or anything like that.

Personally, I'm still fairly confident Poe Dameron will be in Rian Johnson's Episode VIII but, for now, this is what Isaac is saying.

We'll have more from Isaac on Star Wars, X-Men and Ex Machina soon.