Play The Low Tech 'Interstellar Text Adventure' Game For Christopher Nolan's High Tech Film

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is the height of technical cinema. Whether you love or hate the story, the filmmaking used to bring it to life is extraordinary. The practical and digital effects, the cinematography, production design, IMAX sequences, sound effects, and score are just some of the best of the best. It's pretty much as high-tech as a movie gets.

So what better way to celebrate Tuesday's digital release (and the impending Blu-ray release) than with the lowest-tech game imaginable?

Paramount has launched the Interstellar Text Adventure, a text-based game similar to the popular computer games of the early 1980s. There are no images, just text; you have to type in your commands to travel through the galaxy. It's a lot of fun and a nice throwback.

The Interstellar Text Adventure is accessible by clicking the below image, which is as reliant on graphics as the game gets.

Interstellar text adventure

I played for a few minutes but then realized I had to get back to work. There's a good FAQ on the site, with lots of info. Here's some of that:

What is a text adventure game?

Long before the current age of slick graphics and blockbuster video games, interactive experiences were created using the text only interfaces available on early computer systems. Basically a form of interactive fiction, the user could read the story and then enter simple commands to advance the action. Certain popular examples of this genre, such as Zork, are still revered today as important predecessors to modern systems.

How do I start?

Just touch anywhere, or hit "enter", and the adventure will start.

How do I do things in the game?

Once you've read the story introduction, you may enter commands into the input field at the bottom of the window, next the ">" symbol. Enter the word "help" to receive a list of basic commands that you can use in the game.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal is to advance the story to it's eventual outcome. You will need to read the descriptions and interact with the environments you are in as well as solving various puzzles in order to move the plot along.

I've forgotten what items are in my current location.

Type "look" into the command prompt to receive a short description of your current location along with any usable objects that are available.

I'm stuck. Can I get a hint?

PLEX is full of useful information. Try asking it about various things in your environment. If you are still stuck, you can look at the puzzle solutions below.