Early Buzz: Judd Apatow And Amy Schumer Push Each Other To New Heights In 'Trainwreck'

Ten years have passed since Judd Apatow made his feature directing debut with The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but none of his films since have quite been able to surpass that first one. None, that is, until Trainwreck. If the early buzz out of SXSW is to be believed, his latest romantic comedy represents a new high mark for the comedy director.

Apatow's not-so-secret weapon this time is Amy Schumer, who stars and wrote the script. In some ways, it's familiar territory for Apatow – Schumer plays a woman who doesn't quite have her life together, until she meets the one person who might finally inspire her to move forward — but Schumer's unique sensibility puts a fresh spin on his perspective. Get the Trainwreck early buzz after the jump. 

First, some general praise.

And now some less general praise.

Despite the fact that Trainwreck was screened as a work-in-progress, it didn't play like one.

Trainwreck's more emotional aspects struck a chord with many.

Indeed, Trainwreck might be Apatow's best film ever.


The early consensus is that Trainwreck marks Apatow's best comedy in years. As far as his directorial body, it easily tops This Is 40 and Funny People, probably knocks off Knocked Up and — now we're approaching hallowed ground — may even rival the Apatow gold standard, The 40-Year-Old Virgin. In other words, Trainwreck is an instant classic.

Though it still suffers from some of Apatow's usual flaws.

Not surprisingly, Schumer kills it as a non-stereotypical female character.


The film bears all the Apatow hallmarks: awkward sex scenes, fraught family dynamics, bromances, weed, astute observations on office politics and a frequently disarming poignancy. But it's Schumer's voice at work here, and the stand-up comic's hilarious takes on everything from parenthood to cheerleading are what gives the film its uniquely modern point of view.

But LeBron James might be the secret MVP.

The Daily Beast:

[...] Apatow's film is also a showcase for James, who steals every damn scene he's in. And this is not the cameo many thought it would be, but a substantial supporting role in the film as the lifelong best friend to Hader's doctor.

Some people merely liked it instead of loving it.

And of course, there was also that one person who hated it (there's always that one person).

Trainwreck lands in theaters July 17.