Kevin Smith Hints At Possible 'Mallrats' Sequel

The post Red State Kevin Smith is a workaholic. He's making movie (Tusk) after movie (Yoga Hosers) and now he may be doing a follow up one of his most beloved.

Thursday, Smith tweeted his upcoming schedule for the next year and a half. Clerks III shoots in May, the Canadian hockey mini-series Hit Somebody shoots in the Fall and Winter, then he makes Moose Jaws in early 2016. The writer/director then dropped this line "But after that? I smell a rat..." Sounds like he might be going back to the mall for a sequel to his cult hit Mallrats. Read more about Kevin Smith Mallrats 2 below.

Here's the potential Kevin Smith Mallrats 2 tweet -

Whether or not Smith is actually thinking of making a sequel to Mallrats, he had to know mentioning the word "rat" would bring up the discussion. Even as a Smith fan, the notion of a Mallrats 2 seems pretty crazy. The 1995 original was a massive box office bomb when it opened. In the decades since, Smith has told the stories of how he dejected he felt that weekend. How he may have been ill-prepared to make a bigger movie after Clerks, etc.

But once the film hit home video, fans embraced it. It shot into the stratosphere. I speak from personal experience when I say it quickly became arguably my favorite Kevin Smith movie. Jason Lee's breakout performance lead to a pretty strong career for the skater turned actor. Tons and tons of references in that movie made it not only into Smith's other films, but popular cultural as a whole. In the 20 years since its release, Mallrats has probably become more than profitable on toys and t-shirts alone, let alone cable TV and DVD sales. Mallrats is a movie with a fan base.

Does that fan base want to see a sequel? Yes. But will anyone else? That's a question we can discuss in the next several months as we try and learn more. Smith's got a lot of work before he goes back to Eden Prairie. Also – if Jason Lee isn't back, screw it.

Do you want to see Mallrats 2?