Disneyland's Space Mountain Seen In 'Tomorrowland' Movie Poster

This morning, Disney released a new poster for Tomorrowland. Russ grabbed it before I was finished with breakfast, but I noticed something hidden within the image that is noteworthy – hence this post.

Ever since it was announced that director Brad Bird and screenwriter/producer Damon Lindelof's secret 1952 project was to be titled Tomorrowland, Disney fanatics have speculated about what role the Disneyland park and Walt Disney himself might play in the film. We know that Walt Disney's creations at the 1964 World's Fair play into the plot. (specifically the 'It's a Small World After All' attraction, which was later relocated to Disneyland, where it remains today.) Lindelof has said that the movie will show the origins of Tomorrowland but would not show Disneyland itself — but that doesn't mean we won't see notable aspects of Disneyland in the movie itself.

And today's Tomorrowland poster gives us a first look at that. Will we see Disneyland's Space Mountain in Tomorrowland?

Okay, so here is the new Tomorrowland poster.

Tomorrowland poster

Notice anything?

Look closer.


Sure, the film's female star Britt Robertson seems to be completely missing from this early bit of marketing — is Disney hiding that this story is about a girl? Worth talking about, but not what I'm talking about here.

Space Mountain in Tomorrowland

And while we're looking at the characters on the poster — that kid appears to be actor Thomas Robinson who plays young Frank Walker in the film (at least according to IMDB). And who plays old Frank Walker? The guy standing to his right — George Clooney. Isn't it interesting that the poster possibly depicts the same person at different ages, with them discovering Tomorrowland together? Very interesting, but again, not what I noticed...

This is what I noticed:

Space Mountain In Tomorrowland Movie Poster

Space Mountain In Tomorrowland Movie Poster

That building behind Thomas Robinson is a representation of Tomorrowland's most popular attraction, Space Mountain:


Does this mean that we will take a trip to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland? Probably not. My sources tell me we'll see Space Mountain in the movie but its more of a easter egg — remember, this is the origin story of Tomorrowland so it would be stupid not to include it in the world.

That doesn't mean we won't eventually see Space Mountain on the big screen. A few years back Disney was trying hard to develop Space Mountain into a big screen movie too with screenwriter Max Borenstein (Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, Legendary's King Kong prequel Skull Island) was working on the project under the secret title Paladin (with Tron Legacy producer Justin Springer) but I heard the project has fallen off the slate since Disney purchased Star Wars.

Space Mountain Mural

I always loved the mural you can see outside the ride in Disneyland, which portrays Space Mountain not as a building or mountain but as a UFO space craft flying through the galaxy. I'm hoping Disney comes up with a Space Mountain movie someday.

Space Mountain MuralTomorrowland will hit theaters on May 22nd, 2015.