WTF: Aren't You Glad This Homophobic 'Back To The Future' Scene Got Cut?

For a story that centers around a woman's unwitting love for her future son, Back to the Future manages to be admirably non-creepy. Sure, there's a WTF factor that kicks in the second we realize Lorraine has the hots for Marty, but Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale manage to keep things on the right side of the funny / awful divide.

But getting that balance right apparently took some trial and error. A cut scene reveals one hilarious instance in which they found themselves on the wrong side of that calculation. Watch the bizarre Back to the Future deleted scene after the jump.

This Back to the Future deleted scene has been floating around the Internet for a few years already, but has been making the rounds again as of late (h/t Pajiba).

Sometimes deleted scenes leave us wondering about the much better movie we might have had if only there'd been room to squeeze them in. This isn't one of those times. Thank God the filmmakers had the wisdom to leave this supremely awkward bit on the cutting room floor. Now we can laugh about it, instead of tsk-tsking it while watching an otherwise excellent movie.

From top to bottom, this is gross. Marty's understandable reluctance hit on his own mother is met with Doc's stomach-turning suggestion that he "take a few liberties with her." Marty then wonders if this bit of light incest might "screw him up" by turning him gay. Not only is that homophobic, it doesn't even really make sense. But Doc doesn't notice, because he doesn't know what the word "gay" means.

But the worst part, I think, is Doc's saucy wink. That is not the appropriate way to respond to a kid about to feel up his own mother, sir. Now excuse me while I go take 1,000 showers.