Concept Art For Abandoned Toy Story Video Game Set In Space

For every Disney project we see released, there are tons that never see the light of day. A new example for that list is an abandoned Toy Story video game that was going to be set in space. It was being developed by Avalanche Software in the time between releasing their Toy Story 3 game and moving onto the current, ultra popular Disney Infinity.

So what did this mystery Toy Story in space game look like? Artist and animator Sam Nielson has put up some concept art for the game on online. Check out the Toy Story video game concept art below.

The art came from Sam Nielson's Blogspot. He explains that the game "based in space with the main characters all working for Star Command." Here's just a small sampling of the concept art. Descriptions follow.

Toy Story Video Game Concept Art

There's more on the site where Nielson explains what you're looking at. As for these, first is just a few concept drawings. Second, Nielson pitched the idea of the whole world being on a ship, like Wall-E. Third is what he thinks was the final design of the ship they settled on. And yes, it looks like Buzz Lightyear's packaging. After is another concept of the ship. Then are just some basic designs of the bridge with the characters on it and, finally, two designs for Zurg's ship.

Nielson's post doesn't make it clear if the game was abandoned because it wasn't working or because they decided to go full steam ahead into Infinity, which not only could include the Toy Story characters, but every other Disney property as well. Still – these are beautiful designs and it would be super cool if maybe John Lasseter picked up one or two for Toy Story 4 which we'll see in the coming years.

What do you think of the idea for this abandoned Toy Story video game?