Star Wars Bits: Felicity Jones & Lupita Nyong'o Talk 'Star Wars;' Plus Major 'Force Awakens' Spoilers

One, maybe two, Star Wars actresses walking the Oscar red carpet highlight this edition of Star Wars Bits. Below, read about the following:

  • Felicity Jones and Lupita Nyong'o talk Star Wars from the red carpet of the Oscars.
  • Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew lead the latest group of Star Wars Celebration attendees.
  • See a trailer for Wookie the Chew, a Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars mash-up.
  • Check out a massive custom Lego of the Sarlaac Pit.
  • There could be new Star Wars: The Clone Wars content coming.
  • Some new, potentially massive spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are online.
  • When 2014 Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o and 2015 Oscar nominee Felicity Jones hit the red carpet at the Oscars Sunday night, I'm surely not the only one who was thinking, "Someone ask them about Star Wars!" Well, MTV did just that. Neither said much, obviously, but the quotes are telling. Here's the video:

    So Jones, who is expected to be one of the stars of the 2016 standalone movie, says "I can't talk about it. I'll lose my life!" If she wasn't in the movie, wouldn't she have denied it? This sounds like a confirmation to me.

    As for Nyong'o, we don't know who she is playing in The Force Awakens but you can just tell from her answer that she's already come to terms with the way it'll change her life.

    Moving along, Lucasfilm has announced the next group of Star Wars stars who'll be in attendance at Star Wars Celebration from April 16-19. Mark Hamill is the highlight among the group, but there's also Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Dickey Beer (Various), Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar), Anthony Forest (various), Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti), Felix Silla (Ewok), Matthew Wood (General Grievous) and Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett). Read more information here.

    Artist James Hance posted a short tease for a movie called Wookie the Chew, a Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars mash-up. Click the below image to see a teaser trailer.

    Wookie the ChewEuroBricks posted a super impressive custom Lego build of the interior of the Sarlaac Pitt. This is just one image below, click on the above link to see more.Lego Sarlaac

    A former writer on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Brent Friedman, took to Twitter to hint that we may not be done with the series. He hinted that a storyline called "Bad Batch" might still see the light of day in some way. Star Wars Underworld has a great breakdown.

    Finally, Making Star Wars is at it again, with another pair of massive potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The first has to do with the role of Luke Skywalker in the film. And if what the site reports its true, it's almost as big a spoiler as you can get. The second has to do with the mode of storytelling in the film. They believe The Force Awakens does include flashbacks and, not only that, they believe they know what each one holds. Click on the links to read more but beware these might be huge, huge spoilers. We don't know the rumors are true, but the site is reputable.