Hugh Jackman Reacts To The Spider-Man News, Comments On Professor X Rumor [Video]

Now that Spider-Man and Marvel have been reunited, what about bringing the X-Men and Fantastic Four back into the fold? That is something we'll probably have to wait a lot longer to see, but Hugh Jackman is as interested as any of the rest of you. He was on camera when he learned about the deal between Sony and Marvel, and you may get a kick out of his reaction to the news.

Along with that, another interview with Jackman plays with the recent talk about Patrick Stewart's Professor X showing up in the next solo Wolverine movie.

First up is the video of Jackman getting news of the Spider-Man deal. This comes from ScreenCrush, as the site was in New York talking to Jackman about Chappie.

It's fun to watch Jackman be as gobsmacked as some of us were when news of the Spider-Man deal first broke.

Then there's the talk JoBlo had with Jackman, in which the actor was asked about Patrick Stewart's comments about returning to the role of Professor X for a Wolverine film.

I'm not going to deny it. I've learned over the years to try and put my best poker face on. By the way, play poker with me if you want to win some money, because I'm terrible. But, I've always seen it as a really important relationship, and we started with that and I think it's a really important one. I think it would be really great to see it in the Wolverine movie, because we haven't really explored it in the standalone Wolverine movies. So it's not not not not not going to happen.

That's not a full confirmation by any means, but it doesn't do much to scuttle the talk of seeing Patrick Stewart reunite with Jackman for another go on the Wolverine sequel.

The Wolverine 2 is scheduled to be in theaters on March 3, 2017.